THE BRIGHTEST HUE – Now that spring is poking its way through the deep layers of gloom, it’s time to start planning for spring and summer, all while enjoying the first (warm) rays of the sun. You’ll soon be tempted to step outside with your eyes bare without a second thought. But remember that you should protect your vision from the sun at all times – those harmful UV rays are present all year round.

Try pastel colored frames to cover your eyes or, better yet, go for a bolder and more uplifting color: yellow. Staring at life through a pair of bright yellow designer sunglasses can give you (and all those around you) a fresh infusion of hope, cheerfulness, creativity and all-around joy. Sounds like the perfect mood to match the beginning of spring, doesn’t it?

Thought so.

Taking a look at this quick selection of yellow frames will push your energy levels through the roof – imagine what would happen when you actually have them on! Shop yellow designer sunglasses below:

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