HOLIDAY FRAMES – With only a couple weeks left before we wave 2014 goodbye, it’s hard not to be caught day-dreaming about the blissful upcoming vacation. Whether you’re still at the office or already packing up your bags, consider taking sunglasses along with you. Don’t hesitate and tuck them in somewhere! – UV rays are still powerful in winter.

Without further ado, here is a short selection of festive frames + a few of the occasions on which you would want to wear them.

1. Winter In The City:

Home is where your heart is, especially during the holidays. If you’re traveling home this season, don’t forget to add a pair of sunglasses to your hand luggage. Whether you’ll wear them on your way there, while visiting your relatives or simply during a walk to unwind after all those family meals, don’t leave them at home. They’ll protect your eyes from wind, snow and, of course, damaging rays.

Go for classic styles that will fit right in with every outfit you’re wearing, be it classic or funky:

winter sunglasses 2014 winter in the city

For her: Giorgio Armani sunglasses;

For him: Ray-Ban Folding Wayfarer.

2. Tropical Destinations:

If you’re flying off to warmer climates, there’s indeed nothing more important than a good pair of sunglasses. Except, perhaps, a goof SPF cream. But, if there’s something that SPF cream can’t protect, it’s your eyes. So keep them hidden under a pair of frames that will also add a heavy dose of style to your otherwise summary look.

Go for eccentric, colorful frames that will match the surroundings:

winter sunglasses 2014 tropical destinations

For her: Prada Voice sunglasses;

For him: Carrera Champion sunglasses.

3. Cabin In The Mountains:

If you’re heading to a mountain retreat or to your friend’s cabin, one thing’s for sure: you and your eyes need to relax and be comfortable, without sacrificing style. If you’re lucky and there’s lots of snow around you, you might want to pack a pair of polarized sunglasses in order to reduce the glare shining off that winter wonderland. You’ll be happy you did so!

Go for classic, sporty and of course, polarized frames:

winter sunglasses 2014 cabin in the mountains

For her: Maui Jim McGregor Point sunglasses;

For him: Ray-Ban sunglasses.