THE FIRST CAPSULE COLLECTION –’s love for sunglasses rivals only the one he has for music – a fact which became evident last fall with the launch of his very own eyewear line called ill.i Optics. And it seems that every change of seasons brings with it yet another launch for the young brand. This spring, ill.i Optics announces the launch of a capsule collection designed in collaboration with rapper Slick Rick.

The collection is said to be a blend of two apparently opposite worlds. On the one hand, there is’s futuristic approach to eyewear. His signature shades tiptoe the line between fashion-forward and experimental. On the other, Slick Rick added a rather different approach, with vintage inspired silhouettes, classic hip hop aesthetics and subtle luxury touches.

It may sound like a lot to take in, but the sleek style is immediately identifiable with both artists. The limited edition ill.i Optics sunglasses come in black and grey, but also in electric purple. Check out all the images in the gallery above.

Said to be the first in an ongoing series of artist collaborations,’s eyewear brand is bound to keep its fans on their toes. Who else is wondering what else he’ll come up with next? (ill.i Optics)

Photos via Slick Rick’s facebook page