SHE’S IN VOGUE EYEWEAR – Eva Mendes, recurring face of Vogue eyewear, stars once again in the brand’s Fall/Winter 2014-2015 campaign. Not surprising at all, taking into account the fact that the actress has been with Vogue eyewear for a few years now.

The campaign is composed of six individual shots, all showing Mendes wearing another pair of eyewear. Sunglasses and optical frames are both featured and we must say, the actress looks good in anything! The color palette and the general vibe is very autumnal: rich shades of burgundy blue, red and purple can be spotted both on Eva and in the background of each photo.

eva mendes vogue eyewear fall winter 2014 2015 01

The sunglasses in the campaign range from street-ready polarized lenses to oversized black and teal frames. All the styles boast a subtle, feminine touch that has come to define Vogue eyewear. Whether it’s all about a tiny silver detail at the temples or the semi-rimless frames, the overall vibe is delicate and chic. As for the optical frames, the ones featured in the campaign have a rectangular allure and come in sophisticated shades of violet, blue and brown.

There’s something for everyone in this campaign: whether you have a penchant for vibrant colors, an appetite for delicate metallic inserts or a desire to infuse a dose of chicness into everyday life, Vogue eyewear definitely has you covered.

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