VERSACE POPMEDUSA – When it comes to glamour, nobody does it better than Versace. And the latest campaign from the Italian fashion house is here to prove it.

For the summer of 2015, Versace has once again chosen the one and only Madonna to be the face of the brand. In a series of black and white images, the queen of pop shows her magnetic charm yet again, along with the confident attitude that makes her such a natural choice for Versace. Without a doubt, this is a match made in fashion heaven! Shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, the campaign shows Madonna posing in some of her signature athletic twists.

Which brings us to the single most fantastic image from the entire story: the eyewear shot. Smiling and with her eyes closed, Madonna is showing off Versace’s PopMedusa sunglasses. With 3 pairs on the top of her head and another one in her hands, she seems like she just can’t have enough of them. And for good reason. The newest Versace sunglasses come with a thick and daring frame, marvelously executed in round oversized patterns. They are a successful combination of vintage charm and contemporary edge, which makes them an excellent choice for the summer ahead. The temples carry even more significance. Bold, thick and unapologetic, they are adorned with a Medusa icon, the very symbol of Versace. Talk about going back to the roots!

Check out the Versace sunglasses 2015 campaign in the slideshow above.

Photo credits: Versace

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