BLACK & WHITE STATEMENT – If the approach for the Valentino women’s sunglasses campaign for Spring/Summer 2015 was soft, romantic and even dreamy, the men’s campaign was headed in an entirely different direction. Stripped of anything pastel (or colorful for that matter), the campaign was rendered completely in black and white and framed with thin film strips, a technique that is quite similar to last season’s promotional images.

But the similarities stop here. The new Valentino sunglasses for men have a streamlined silhouette, with rectangular frames and a serious dose of attitude. Even though there is just one pair of sunglasses featured in the campaign, it illustrates the concept perfectly. For Spring/Summer 2015, the Valentino sunglasses take on a powerful spirit of individuality, topped off with the savoir-faire of haute couture, as the fashion house states. And, if these sunglasses don’t make a case in that direction, nothing does.

Check out the frames in the gallery above, along with a few other images from the extensive campaign.

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