THE POWER OF STORYTELLING – Valentino is one of those brands which can bring together art, fashion and design in an inimitable way. Their latest achievement? Turning the Valentino maskaviator into the eyewear of the moment by shifting from static promotional images to video storytelling.

valentino maskaviator 01

The Valentino Maskaviator video shows an artist at work in what seems a commonplace, uneventful room. Little by little, he paints one of the walls of the room. Gradually, the colorful strokes start to make sense and soon reveal the face of a woman. Slowly, but steadily, the portrait seems to come to life and reveals the inimitable shape of the maskaviators. The video ends with the woman wearing the sunglasses and an entire room covered in one of the most famous hues on the planet, Valentino red.

A particular thing to notice is that each frame was painted by hand, with the final result of the process being a moving story board. The artist was free to enjoy creative freedom, as he didn’t receive any imposed brief related to the maskaviators. So the final product is as natural as can be.

In the stunning video art seamlessly blends together with fashion and with everyone’s guilty pleasure, eyewear.

Watch the video below:

Photos via Valentino; Runway photos via