THE TWO TONE TREND TAKES OVER – If you’re one to always hesitate between a pair of colorful sunglasses and a classic black one, then this trend should be right up your alley. Popping up almost everywhere and under almost every brand, these sunglasses will help you make the most of the following (fun-infused) months. And, if chosen carefully, they can take you straight into fall and beyond. Let’s explore the options:

Two Tone Sunglasses: Consider The Transitions

This one depends on your aesthetic. If you are all about a clean, contemporary style with minimalistic accents, a pair of two tone sunglasses that have their colors starkly separated is your best bet. The crispiness of your look will be highlighted by the two colors that refuse to mix.

Try: these Burberry sunglasses.

The second option is for all the bohemian souls out there. If your style is softer, on the mellow side, then a pair of gradient sunglasses that seamlessly blend two hues will make your heart sing. Classic, elegant, boho or eclectic: any frame of this type will successfully complete your style.

Try: these Roberto Cavalli sunglasses

Try: the Tom Ford Jennifer sunglasses

Two Tone Sunglasses: Consider The Colors

No doubt, the two tone approach goes perfectly with a lighthearted summer mood. Feel free to opt for the craziest color combination and wear it while lounging poolside or with an a graphic print dress in an urban context. However, if you like planning ahead and would like to wear your two tone sunglasses well into autumn, consider going the classic route: tortoiseshell and cream is the safe and elegant option that will look good in any season. And, if you really can’t (or don’t want to) make up your mind, get one of each!

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