DUAL VISION – Always intriguing, the Trussardi accessories campaigns have a unique way of directing all the attention straight to the products. After a Fall/Winter campaign that relied on a kaleidoscopic approach, the Spring/Summer 2015 campaign reverts to horizontal lines in a series of captivating images that are focused on men’s and women’s eyewear at the same time.

The intriguing images show a juxtapostion of two worlds and two styles. There are two models who are each wearing a pair of sunglasses, but we don’t get to see their full face. Rather than doing portraits like any other brand, Trussardi turns convention on its head again and opts to show us just the top part of their faces, highlighting – what else? – the fabulous eyewear. That’s not all though: the Trussardi eyewear 2015 ad campaign is also accompanied by a video that puts the visuals in motion:

When it comes to the eyewear choices, the Trussardi sunglasses seem to happily jump on board of the new season’s trends. Aviators for him – golden contours, mirrored lenses – and a pair of gorgeously oversized frames for her. Thin rims and a delicate frame are this season’s hottest picks from Trussardi. Just the thing to get you excited for summer, aren’t they?

Photo credits: Trussardi, Photos via models.com