BLACK TRENDY SUNGLASSES 2014 EDITION – No matter how hard we try, it’s hard to keep wearing bright, bold colors once the leaves turn from green to red. The truth is that, during the colder months, it’s time for the darker shades to step into the spotlight. And what better color to switch to than black? Its timeless appeal stands true season after season.

So let’s take a look at these 8 dramatic black shades, each of which boasts major drama. Even though they come in a memorable color, these sunglasses keep their contemporary edge thanks to the unconventional shapes, fine metal inserts and unique feeling. After all, there’s nothing like a black pair of shades to make your appearance truly memorable.

pump up the drama black shades

1. Saint Laurent sunglasses;

2. Tiffany sunglasses;

3. Prada sunglasses;

4. Gucci sunglassses;

5. Jimmy Choo sunglasses;

6. Tom Ford sunglasses;

7. Bvlgari sunglasses;

8. Bottega Veneta sunglasses.

How To Wear: These black shades look fabulous and edgy, so go the easy and minimalistic route in order to let them shine (almost) by themselves. Think about an all-black look, a spectacular cape or even a black leather jacket – any one of these suggestions should do the trick. Check out a few outfits that involve black frames in the gallery above.