STATEMENT MAKERS – Dramatic and cool, thick rimmed glasses are everywhere this fall: from ad campaigns to catwalk looks, this trend is slowly but surely making its way into our lives.

However, something is different. This fall, thick temples are also gaining momentum, to the point where they actually become a defining feature. Most of the time, considerably thick temples are there to complete an overly geometric, but oh-so-cool look. This is the case of the Prada sunglasses for this fall. With a thick frame, a dominant brow bar and statement temples, these shades embrace both the geometric and the thick rimmed trends.

prada eyewear fall winter 2014-15 02
Prada Eyewear Fall/Winter 2014-2015 Campaign. Love the sunglasses? Check them out below.

Besides ad campaigns, thick rimmed glasses were also present on the Fall/Winter 2014-15 catwalks. Whether colorful, geometric or covered in extravagant materials, this is one trend that can be spotted everywhere we look. Chanel, for example, sent models down the runway wearing thick rimmed sunglasses covered in tweed:

chanel sunglasses
Chanel sunglasses, Fall/Winter 2014-15.

The popular trend also goes perfectly with the retro vibe that is so IN right now. Take for example, the latest Valentino eyewear campaign, where oversized, thick rimmed sunglasses are in the spotlight:

Valentino Eyewear Campaign FW 2014 03
Valentino Eyewear Fall/Winter 2014-2015 Campaign

There’s no doubt about it: no matter the style or the color, thick rimmed sunglasses are the norm right now. And the best news is that they can suit every mood, style and taste. Want to give them a try? How about checking out the selections below:

thick frames

1. Prada sunglasses;

2 Dior sunglasses;

3. Bottega Veneta sunglasses;

4. Ray-Ban sunglasses;

5. Giorgio Armani sunglasses;

6. Kate Spade sunglasses.