FOR THE ADVENTURER IN YOU – In a quite interesting way, sunglasses with side shields are never really out of fashion. These slightly retro, but simultaneously modern type of frames have the special power of adding strength and badassery to your look.

There are two categories of sunglasses with side shields.

The first one is more trend- and fashion-oriented. Usually, the side shields of this type boast a stylized look. For example, they are not fully opaque and are made of a rough metallic mesh. They are a fashion statement, rather than a barrier against the elements. These sunglasses with side shields are perfect for the urban adventurer. After all, the city can be a jungle in itself and these shades… well these shades can offer some type of protection from all the madness around. Stay focused!

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Then there is the other type of sunglasses with side shields. These ones are closer to mountaineering glasses and boast soft side shields. They are the next step in fashionable eyewear. Even though they are not made for extreme conditions, they do offer better protection for the eyes. Bonus? They look totally bad ass. These would be a better fit for outdoor, weekend or sporty activities, rather than for a regular day around town. Tough-looking leather jackets or fully-equipped parka jackets are the perfect match for these sunglasses.

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Last, but definitely not least, take a look at this still from “Oblivion”, showing Morgan Freeman in a pair of sunglasses with side shields and looking impossibly cool. Enough said.

 sunglasses with side shields morgan freeman

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