ROUND IT OFF – Round sunglasses have been around for what feels like forever. They are a classic style that will always be in fashion, along with aviators and wayfarers. However, unlike the latter, round sunglasses are not universally flattering by default. Luckily, however, the variety of styles out there means that everyone can find something that fits their face shape and personal look.

Take, for example, the frame. While classic round sunglasses have a thin metallic frame, modern styles go above and beyond in terms of color and texture. Fancy frames that are thicker and come in bright, bold colors make for a more powerful statement. Likewise, a tortoise pair will add to the timelessness of an appropriate look.

Here is a small selection of round sunglasses for him and for her – there’s a pair for every style!


There’s no denying it: these modern iterations of the classic round sunglasses are all about thickness and color. After all, how else can you add a contemporary flavor? Some even come with lenses in a color that makes a strong contrast to the frames. And with others, it’s not just about crazy color combinations: a thin golden frame and black lenses can be all you need for a cool, easy going look.

Find your favorites below:

for him:

1. Ray-Ban Round sunglasses

2. Emporio Armani sunglasses

3. Ray-Ban Round Craft sunglasses

– for her:

4. Prada Journal sunglasses

5. Carrera sunglasses

6. Gucci sunglasses