DIOR SUNGLASSES FOR THE SUMMER OF 2015 – Admit it: you too want to take advantage of the warm temperatures and rock the best shades you can find. And this season, word on the street is that the coolest ones are made by Dior. With a sizzling hot summer campaign that features Rihanna, a sleek black and white one which is entirely dedicated to the men’s Composite 1.0 frames and another one to highlight the classic, ladylike sunglasses, Dior is arguably one of the hottest brands right now. And, rightfully, one to catch the wave of fashion-forward consumers. Will you join in on the craze? Here are the top Dior sunglasses for the summer of 2015:

Dior Sunglasses 2015 For Her – Top 3:

3. The Dior lady 1R Sunglasses:

womens dior-lady-1-r-s-0grz-nl-1

The ideal choice for those with a classic taste. Featuring a timeless appeal and impeccable materials, the frames stand out thanks to their gracious butterfly shape and white temples. So chic!

2. The Dior Mirrored Sunglasses:

womens dior-mirrored-s-0i22-0j-1

Only if you dare: these frames have a unique, structured shape that will appeal to all the adventurous fashionistas. Bridging the gap between a classic and a contemporary aesthetic, they should find their way onto your “must buy” list this summer.

1. The Dior Reflected Sunglasses:

womens dior-reflected-s-031u-ha-1

The reinterpreted Pantos shape and the magical mix of materials make these Dior frames one of the most coveted sunglasses right now. With a metallic front and acetate temples, they are hot, hot, hotter!

Dior Sunglasses 2015 For Him – Top 3:

3. The Dior Homme 0196S Sunglasses:

4 mens 1 dior-0196-s-0mzl-dc-1

Check out the mirrored lenses on these ones! The edgy look of the 0196S frames comes from the bright blue acetate front being fixed to the metal structure using clips. Cool and unique.

2. The Dior Homme 0195S Sunglasses:

mens dior-0195-s-0j25-ss-1

What would an eyewear countdown be without a pair of aviator-style sunglasses? Thankfully, these mirrored Dior frames are here to save the day. With mirrored lenses, an ultra-fine profile and enviable looks, these can successfully complete any outfit.

1. The Dior Home Dior Composit 1.0 Sunglasses:

mens dior-composit-1_0-s-0010-2m-1

The no.1 spot on the list couldn’t belong to anything else: these Dior Composit 1.0 frames are THE must-have sunglasses for this summer. First seen in the summer 2015 show, they are now stars in their own right. Will you give in to their appeal?

Photo credit top image: Dior, via models.com