TOMMY HILFIGER SUMMER FRAMES – Just when we thought that eyewear ads couldn’t possibly get more creative, along comes the Tommy Hilfiger sunglasses 2015 campaign to prove us all wrong. Starring a bride (Behati Prinsloo), a groom (Arthur Kulkov) and a dreamy wedding décor, these images represent what must be one of the coolest wedding portraits of all time. Laid-back, elegant and fun at the same time, the spirit of the campaign successfully mirrors the essence of the latest Tommy Hilfiger frames – and what more could we wish for?

Laying on the grass in a sun-drenched backyard or in a lavish convertible, Behati and Arthur pose casually after their wedding party. Dressed in an effortlessly cool manner, but staying true to the traditional white and black color-scheme, the two represent the modern couple that loves to reinterpret the classics. And this is exactly what the frames are about: a retro style with a contemporary flavor.

The women’s sunglasses, for example, feature a rounded shape and a soft vintage style that blends the best of both worlds. The men’s sunglasses follow the same approach, but add a double bridge and lighter, metallic contours. The men’s optical frames are just as cool, but in a conventional, preppy sort of way. With a mix of blue hues on the temples and a lighter base, these modern frames fit right in with the fun and spirited Tommy Hilfiger-inspired summer collection. Last but not least, the women’s optical frames are once more lightly colored. With oversized, easy-going contours, they would undoubtedly fit in with any styling approach.

Check out the entire campaign in the slideshow above.

Photo credits: Tommy Hilfiger

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