THOSE 70s SPECS – This year, the Tiger of Sweden eyewear makes another cameo appearance in the brand’s Fall/Winter 2014-15 campaign. Even though limited to a single image, the style and the mood still manage to shine through, in this season’s classic black-and-white approach.

Model Adrien Sahores is, once again, the face of the campaign and it’s no wonder why: his looks and attitude match the spirit of the Swedish brand impeccably. As for the campaign itself, it has an underlying cinematic feeling. The main character, played by Adrien Sahores, is pictured standing alongside a blurry masculine figure in the middle of what seems to be an empty industrial space.

The dynamic, realistic touch that is added to the campaign also shines in the shot which depicts this season’s Tiger of Sweden eyewear. Wearing a pair of 70s-inspired glasses with a thin frame, Adrien Sahores seems to be caught off guard by the busy street. In this context, we can see the glasses in their natural urban habitat – an achievement boasted by very few campaigns.

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