EYEWEAR COLLAB OF THE SEASON – Thierry Lasry is at it again. After his celebrated Fendi feature from earlier this year, the French designer is once again making headlines with one of his collaborations. This time, he and Garrett Leight, a West Coast eyewear designer, have partnered up to launch the third and final installment of their capsule collection.

Launched just in time for summer, the frames are bound to be some of the hottest buys of the season for eyewear connoisseurs. The two eyewear innovators have put their own unique spins on the sunglasses, each citing their home bases as inspiration in the making of the frames. The Parisian Thierry Lasry is known for his highly graphic approach, layered acetate frames and his penchant for adding a modern, avant-gardist touch to vintage inspirations. The L.A native Garrett Leight, on the other hand, is inspired by Californian icons as he pays homage to the most classic eyewear shapes. Boasting a modern twist, the resulting designs are colorful and refined classics.

Knowing all this, it’s easy to see how these opposite visions can lead to a collection of rich, intriguing and covetable frames that bring together the best of both worlds. Appropriately, the collection features two styles: the Thierry Lasry x Garrett Leight unisex frames, which rely heavily on Lasry’s layered acetate vision, and the Garrett Leight x Thierry Lasry women’s sunglasses, which marry Leight’s retro shapes with some of Lasry’s design cues. (style.com)

Photo credits: Thierry Lasry, Garrett Leight

Photo source: Thierry Lasry and Garrett Leight via style.com