THROW IT BACK, WAY BACK – In honor of Throwback Thursday or, as the Internet briefly summed it up, #tbt, let’s take a look at some exquisite vintage Dior ads.

Intriguing and elegant, these ads from the 80s and late 70s successfully convey the sophisticated spirit that has always governed the French fashion house. Dior eyewear has been popular with celebrities ever since then, thanks to its huge, easy-to-hide-behind sunglasses. The oversized shades are flashy, yet delicate, with a sensitive feminine touch. The optical frames are also oversized and their soft colors accentuate this glamorous style.

Want to sneak a bit of this mysterious look into your daily life? Well, you can, because today’s Dior sunglasses are still infused with that old school, oversized, super-feminine vibe.

Take a look at these contemporary Dior shades – they do look quite similar to the ones in the vintage ads, don’t they?

Which one is your favorite? Get them below:


1. Dior Taffetas2. Dior Audacieuse; 3. Dior Jupon4. Dior Mohotani5. Dior Striking6. Dior Cocotte