IT’S CONFIDENTIAL – In the latest T-Charge eyewear campaign, Josh Duhamel plays the part of what we can assume is an undercover agent, judging by the Confidential-marked files and the omnipresent pair of binoculars. Pictured in a modern villa, in a car or lounging next to the pool, Duhamel is one busy agent who always has great taste in eyewear. The campaign features a total of 8 pairs, out of which 4 are sunglasses and the other 4 are optical frames.

Josh Duhamel T-Charge eyewear 2014 campaign 07

Featured mostly in the indoor shots, the optical frames range from modern semi-rimless glasses to classic rectangular frames, all in dark hues of blue and gray. Some of the glasses also boast subtle metallic details on the temples and around the hinges. As for the sunglasses, they also have a cool, contemporary vibe. Aviators and black rectangular frames alike are featured in the campaign, paired with dapper suits – a look that exudes not only power, but also a strong sense of style.

It seems that this Brazilian eyewear brand has it all figured out: a successful campaign means not only a good selection of frames, but also a storyline and a leading actor model who can successfully bring it all together.

Photographed by Yossi Michaeli; Photos via