COLD WEATHER STYLE – It’s true: sunglasses are marketed just as warm weather accessories. But just because the sun isn’t shining as bright anymore and temperatures are getting lower doesn’t mean you should forgo sunglasses in winter altogether. These simple and quick facts will tell you why you DO need sunglasses – even in the cold months:

1. UV Rays Are Around 365 Days A Year

We mostly associate sunglasses with fun at the beach and long, summer days. Even if the sun is not in its prime condition during winter, it doesn’t mean that ultraviolet rays are non-existent. They are around all year, no matter the air temperature. So even on cloudy days, they can still cause damage to your eyes and to the area around them. The skin around your eyes is extremely thin and sensitive. Keeping it protected by sunglasses will actually help you dodge wrinkles and premature aging. Hitting two birds with one stone? Yes, why not?

sunglasses in winter 03

2. Protect Your Eyes From Glare

Sunlight reflecting off snow covers can cause considerable glare, especially if the sky is clear and the sun is shining. Even in winter, the reflected rays can still be disruptive, especially if you’re practicing sports or driving a car. So keep those sunglasses at hand, when going on holiday up, up in the mountains.

sunglasses in winter 01

3. Alleviate Dry Eyes And Shield Them From The Wind, Cold And Snow

This one might be quite intuitive, but if you know that your eyes tend to get dry during winter, it’s time for you to wear sunglasses every time you go outside. The wind gets sharper as air gets colder – not a good combination for your eyes. Instead of squinting or looking away when spending quite a great deal of time outside, just put on your sunglasses in winter as well. They will shield your eyes from the elements and keep them happy and healthy for longer.

Everyone has to start from somewhere!

What do you say about some cool and colorful sunglasses to get you through winter? Here’s a quick selection that will get you going:

winter sunglasses

1. Ray-Ban sunglasses;

2. Carrera Carrerino sunglasses;

3. Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses.

For styling suggestions and winter outfits that also incorporate sunglasses, check out the gallery above.