EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW – Whether it’s for you or for a close friend, picking the perfect sunglasses for a square face may seem like a daunting challenge. But, with some careful consideration, the result can be very satisfying! Here are some guidelines to help you with this task:

Characteristics Of Square Faces

Let’s start off by focusing on what we’re working with. Whether male or female, square-shaped faces are defined by a strong jawline, a squarish chin and wide cheekbones. They have a strong appearance that should be softened down a bit by a pair of carefully chosen frames. Which leads us to the actual question…

How Do You Pick The Right Sunglasses For Square Faces?

As with any other face shape, the idea is to pick eyewear that has an opposite shape. So, for square faces, we are talking about sunglasses with soft contours and curved corners which are ideal for balancing out the strong jawline. Think: round and oval sunglasses, butterfly and cat eye frames or classic aviators.

Black Out – You can never go wrong with a pair of sleek, black sunglasses:

sunglasses for square faces black out

Hers: Prada sunglasses;

His: Carrera sunglasses.

Colorful – Add a bright hue to your life with these colorful frames:

sunglasses for square faces colorful

Hers: Kate Spade sunglasses;

His: Ray-Ban clubmaster sunglasses.

Round Off – You can rest assured that a pair of round shades always looks impossibly cool:

sunglasses for square faces round off

Hers: Tom Ford sunglasses;

His: Giorgio Armani sunglasses.

What To Avoid

Since square faces have such strong lines, you’ll want to avoid any frames with equally strong geometric corners. This means no rectangular or square sunglasses – they will do nothing good for square faces. If you absolutely must (choose something other than round shapes), go for oversized frames.

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