SUNGLASSES FOR KIDS – Kids like to play pretend, especially when it’s about imitating grownups. Girls trying on their mothers’ heels is the first example that comes to mind, but we can also appreciate how “grownup” a little boy with a bow-tie can look. So why not play along and give them something harmless to wear and play with: sunglasses.

Let’s take a look at this short and sweet selection of sunglasses for kids – you’re sure to find the perfect style for your little one!

sunglasses for kids girls

Sunglasses for girls

Little girls can already be picky about clothes and accessories. When choosing sunglasses for your young daughter, start with a revision of the colors that are already in her wardrobe. Then, consider her overall preferences: is she a girly-girl or does she lean towards the tomboy side? If she loves wearing skirts and dresses, then a pair of round, bug sunglasses in a cheerful color are your best bet. If not, go for a small pair of aviators.

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sunglasses for kids boys

Sunglasses for boys

Ray-Ban Juniors come in a variety of options, one for every type of personality. If you’re looking for a “goes-with-anything” pair of sunglasses, then aviators are the standard choice. But if you’re looking for an upbeat option, choose colorful sunglasses from the hipster/cool category. A black and orange frame looks smart and adorable, while a pair with colored lenses adds just the right amount of quirkiness to your boy’s looks. So! Which one will it be?

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