A COMPLETE GUIDE – With their unique outline and easily identifiable proportions, heart-shaped faces are quite unforgettable. Such unique faces deserve sunglasses which can balance out their proportions and make them look even better. Let’s see how to choose them:

The Characteristics Of Heart-Shaped Faces

This type of face has a narrow chin, high cheekbones and a broad forehead. Its name is pretty much self explanatory: think about a simple, stylized heart and you’re there. With this clear outline in mind, let’s see which sunglasses go best with heart-shaped faces…

How Do You Pick The Right Sunglasses For Heart Faces?

As usual, the idea is to balance out the proportions of the face. We can do this by choosing frames that will have an opposite effect on the characteristics of whichever face feature is nearest. For example, a broad forehead will not benefit from frames which are top heavy, elongated or embellished around the corners. On the contrary, you should be looking for frames which make the forehead appear narrower. Round or oval sunglasses will do just that.

Similarly, the bottom part of the sunglasses should be clearly outlined, so that they draw attention to the chin and even make it look wider. To achieve this effect, steer clear of any type of top-heavy or semi-rimless frames that have an almost invisible bottom part. Instead, look for bottom-heavy frames or frames with consistent contours.

Here are a few hand-picked options…

Directional – for those who seek out frames which set the trends:

sunglasses for heart faces directional

Hers: Carrera sunglasses

His: Giorgio Armani sunglasses

Timeless Blacks – for those who love a classic, elegant vibe:

sunglasses for heart faces timeless black

Hers: Jimmy Choo Lana sunglasses

His: Giorgio Armani sunglasses

Colorful – for those occasions when you have to stand out:

sunglasses for heart faces colorful

Hers: Etnia Barcelona sunglasses

His: Persol sunglasses

What To Avoid

Avoid going for sunglasses with thick, dark-colored frames that won’t do heart-shaped faces any favors. Instead, focus on thin frames that won’t throw the widths of your face out of proportion. As mentioned above, always pick bottom-heavy sunglasses over top-heavy ones: they will be your best bet.

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Photo credit top image: metromode.se