DAZZLING FRAMES FOR EVERYONE – The first part of the holiday gift guide was all about classic designer shades, but this time we’re bringing colorful, fun and edgy sunglasses into the spotlight.

If you’re looking for a special pair of sunglasses for a highly creative person, for a fashion enthusiast, for an adventurer or for simply someone with a raw, sophisticated taste, this is the place for you.

If you are shopping for…

The Creative Types

These are people who work in, you’ve guessed it, creative fields. They can be designers, writers, painters etc. Essentially, their lives revolve around finding and locking creativity in. The perfect sunglasses for them would have simple styles and a bit of an edge (an unexpected print, colorful details or simply a rare shape).

The Fashion Lovers

They love to stand out and wear accessories that set them apart from the rest. So don’t be afraid to surprise them with a truly unique pair of sunglasses (think: Prada Voice). They will surely find a way to work them into a powerful look.

The Adventurers

These are people who love to spend time outdoors. Whether they’ll be biking, hiking or skiing (or all of these!), they will appreciate shades that cater to their needs. But just because their sunglasses need to be practical, it doesn’t mean they should be boring. Go for styles with a hint of color to liven up their sporty outfits.

The Eccentric Professionals

These are individuals whose style is hard to pin down. A mix of classic and modern, they tend to prefer restrained color palettes and clear, clean cut lines. From minimalists to restrained professionals, they adopt a Less Is More approach and rarely wield color. Empower their look with a strong pair of black frames with metallic inserts – it will fit right into their wardrobe.

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FOR THE CREATIVE TYPES (L-R): Tom Ford Nikita women’s sunglasses, Etnia Barcelona women’s sunglassesSaint Laurent men’s sunglasses, Dolce & Gabbana men’s sunglasses;

FOR THE FASHION LOVERS (L-R): Etnia Barcelona women’s sunglasses, Prada Voice women’s sunglasses, Saint Laurent men’s sunglasses, Prada men’s sunglasses;

FOR THE ADVENTURERS (L-R): Maui Jim Switchbacks women’s sunglasses, Carrera women’s sunglasses, Carrera men’s sunglasses, Timberland men’s sunglasses;

FOR ECCENTRIC PROFESSIONALS (L-R): Tom Ford women’s sunglasses, Prada Cinema women’s sunglasses, Gucci men’s sunglasses, Giorgio Armani men’s sunglasses;