The first weekend of Coachella might be over, but there’s a second one coming up, not to mention the countless other outdoor festivals that will unfold all summer long. Whether or not you’re a festival regular, you must suspect that a pair of trusty – and preferably funky – sunglasses are the necessary tools of trade.

Festivals are the perfect time experiment and let your freak flag fly high. Let’s face it: the first thing people check out after the line-up are the coolest festival looks. Surely you want to make it onto that list, right?

Now, you don’t have to go out of your way to make a statement. Pushing things out of the ordinary with your clothes means you might want to tone down your eyewear game, and viceversa. So make sure that, before you fully embrace festival season, you have at least a couple of sunglasses at hand to match your every look. Here are a few pointers to help you pick the perfect summer festival season sunglasses:

Summer Festival Season Sunglasses Option #1: Simple Silhouettes + Funky Prints

Go for those crazy sunglasses you’ve always had your eyes on, yet never actually dared to buy! If you ever thought they were impractical for everyday life or that they would attract too many blank stares in an urban environment, then these are the ones you’ll want to reach for. And don’t worry: no matter where you go, there will ALWAYS be someone who is wearing something crazier than you. Fact!

In the slideshow above:

Face a Face sunglasses / Prada sunglasses / Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses

Summer Festival Season Sunglasses Option #2: Classic Styles

If you’re more of a classic spirit and funky prints just won’t do for you, feel free to go the opposite route with a pair of classic frames. Aviators, for example, are one of the season’s hottest hits (yes, even hotter than before). Almost every designer, house, brand or label has their own version, so your options couldn’t be any more numerous. Looking for something else? Then how about some wayfarers or some round frames? They’ll fit in with the festival décor like no others.

In the slideshow above (all aviators):

Valentino maskaviator sunglasses / Michael Kors sunglasses / Marc Jacobs sunglasses

Summer Festival Season Sunglasses Option #3: Those 70s Frames

The 2015 summer festival season sunglasses list would certainly be incomplete without a few friendly nods to the 70s. Seeing that the fashion world has fallen head over heels for anything fringe, suede or bell-bottomed this season, it was only natural for the round and wildly oversized frames to come into focus as well. With such sunglasses on, you’ll find this saying is truer than ever: go big or go home!

In the slideshow above:

Valentino sunglasses / Prada sunglasses / Marc Jacobs sunglasses

Have fun!