AVIATORS AND BLACK FRAMES – This season’s Saint Laurent eyewear has its own dedicated shot and is also featured several times in the brand’s main campaign. Keep your eyes peeled and sharpen your senses, we’re about to take a trip through the Spring/Summer 2015 Saint Laurent eyewear ads! And let’s just say that the sight is bound to make you want to join a rock band – stat.

The brand’s eyeglass suggestion for the following season has its own dedicated shot, which is rendered in the Saint Laurent black and white signature. In line with the 70s-chic vibe that dominates this season’s collection, model Grace Hartzel looks hypnotising with her throwback optical frames. Sure, the extravagant lashes and high collar help, but the focus is clearly on the black optical glasses. Their thick contours and timeless rectangular silhouette easily transcend the decades and become rooted in the present day aesthetic.

The rest of the Saint Laurent eyewear makes cameo appearances in several photos from the main campaign. Whether for girls or for boys, it seems that next season’s Saint Laurent sunglasses of choice will be aviators. With their sleek and recognisable silhouettes, they make for absolute must-have accessories for rock stars and groupies alike (and for us regular folk too). Take a look at the campaign in the slideshow above – do you agree?

Saint Laurent eyewear 2015 photos via models.com and the Saint Laurent Facebook page.