ROUND SUNGLASSES TREND 2015 – No doubt about it: summer 2015 is THE throwback season when it comes to both fashion and sunglasses. Most of the current collections are brimming with nostalgia and everybody is fully on board with the retro slash seventies revival. Warm summer days are, after all, best spent with a bare midriff and larger than life bell-bottoms. Thankfully, this retro avalanche has also taken over the eyewear world. Ok, not entirely, but enough to make a lasting statement through the exaggerated and curbed lines of the season’s hottest shades – everyone’s hot on the trails of a pair of round sunglasses these days and so should you!

Perfectly oversized, with thin or consistent contours and unmatched appeal, circular sunnies are the hottest sunglasses style of the summer. What better way of topping off a simple V-neck tee could you come up with? Prepare for a cool and stylish journey: the round sunglasses trend 2015 is ready for take off!

round sunglasses trend 2015

Not all round sunglasses were created equal! What is your most comfortable outfit? What are the pieces that you like to wear the most? Carefully consider your style staples and then proceed to pick the pair of shades that suits your wardrobe and looks.

For a classic taste, the black Bvlgari frames are the best pick, while the Prada Ornate shades are the ideal pair for those looking for something with a twist. The Valentino sunglasses will be perfect for all you boho goddesses out there, while the Face a Face shades are cut out (ha!) for someone who is looking for an eccentric take on the trend. Finally, the Mykita Ornella shades are statement-making frames that beg for a fun and unapologetic personality. Which one of these is you? Shop the frames below:

Prada Ornate sunglasses

Mykita Ornella sunglasses

Valentino sunglasses

Bvlgari sunglasses

Face a Face sunglasses