CASUAL AND RUGGED – The fact that textures (textile, tweed, lace, animal prints) are printed onto or somehow inserted into so many of this season’s sunglasses is no mystery to anyone. But all of them have fine, delicate patterns that don’t really go with a casual attitude.

Most likely, you sometimes wear this classic combination yourself: a slouchy tee, sneakers, a leather jacket and a casual pair of pants. Ok, jeans to be completely honest. Hailing directly from a normcore lookbook, this is a perfectly acceptable option for your days off. And, when the occasion for more down time appears, you’re not going to rattle everything up with a pretentious pair of frames, are you? So you’ll want to reach out for these: the Ray-Ban Wayfarer “Denim” sunglasses:

ray ban denim wayfarers

Crafted from REAL denim (crazy, right?), these sunglasses are made using a high-tech layering process which involves alternating said denim with polypropylene and acetate. The process is finished off in a high-temperature environment which ensures perfect adherence between the layers.

And if the laborious denim multi-layering process wasn’t enough, these Wayfarers come in 6 (six!) colors: orange, violet, black, green, blue and light blue. Really, you have no excuse for not getting your own pair now! You can shop the Ray-Ban Wayfarer “Denim” sunglasses HERE.

Ray Ban Wayfarer Denim sunglasses photo credit: the Ray-Ban Facebook page.