WILD AND SERENE – There’s something so unique, natural and raw in this Calvin Klein eyewear campaign for Fall/Winter 2014-15, that it mesmerizes us instantly. Starring models Vanessa Axente and Clark Bockelman, the images look natural, unfussy and totally cozy even with the untamed natural habitat in the background.

Calvin Klein eyewear Fall Winter 2014 15 04

Two of the pictures are actually collages, with models and eyewear on the right and an image of raw, menacing cliffs on the left. The serene and rocky natural background works well with the neat, composed stance of the models. Vanessa Axente is pictured wearing a pair of oversized frames with thick, asymmetrical frames. The outside corner of the frames is completely left uncovered and its absence suggests the dynamic, untamed spirit of Calvin Klein eyewear. This superimposition of both attitudes (wild and serene) is mirrored in the collages themselves, revealing a complex and well thought-out story.

Similarly to Vanessa, Model Clark Bockelman poses in a similar fashion with a cool pair of rectangular frames, altogether depicting a serene state of mind. On his left, the other half of the collage shows a rocky, desaturated landscape, which matches his fierce attitude and the bold Clavin Klein eyewear.

Though brief, the Calvin Klein eyewear campaign for Fall/Winter 2014-15 exudes raw emotions and uncovers both the untamed and the serene side of a human being. All seen through the artistic lens of photographer David Sims.

Photos via theimpression.com