MYKITA FIRST KIDS EYEWEAR – New day, new kids’ eyewear collection? It seems that the hottest trend in the business right now is expanding into children’s eyewear, and Mykita is one the brands which lead the way. After a successful teaser launched last month, the debut collection for kids and teens has finally come out – and it’s every bit as fun and cool as you’d expect.

Carrying the natural, easy-going and sometimes raw touch that we’ve come to know, the images that promote the Mykita First kids eyewear collection have the potential to put a smile on your face. Wearing bright or classic stainless steel frames, kids and teens of all ages are posing in an urban garden that overlooks the city. Enjoying what seems to be a sunny and summery day, the bunch are having fun as they pose individually or in small groups.

The long-awaited children’s eyewear collection by Mykita features seven unisex models, all with distinctive, fun-inducing names: Panda, Racoon, Jaguar, Kiwi, Dodo, Flip and Sparrow. Between four optical and three solar glasses, there’s plenty to choose from. The light, yet sturdy frames are specifically made for children age eight and up and all of them are sealed in a scratch-resistant rubber coating. Last, but not least, the sunglasses are fitted with tinted Zeiss lenses, adding to the already impeccable design and fetching looks. (Mykita)

Photo credits: Mykita, Mykita First

Photo source: the Mykita Facebook page