A FRESH PERSPECTIVE – Titled Cityscapes and appropriately set in (where else?) the Big Apple, the new Mykita campaign introduces a range of glasses photographed in unconventional places.

This fresh mix was concocted by photographer and artist Mark Borthwick, whose collaboration with the Berlin-based brand has been going on for seven years now. For the campaign, he didn’t go down the traditional route by working just with professional models. Instead, he also invited friends and family members to be part of the shoot. Unsurprisingly, his strategy paid off: the images look calm, cool and natural – almost like a series of unplanned photos of people wearing Mykita sunglasses around NYC. The serenity of the images is finished off with poems in the traditional Japanese haiku form, composed by British poet Nicholas Hogg. He composed them especially for the MYKITA lookbook, capturing three-line snap shots of a stroll through the city.

“Look up to the sky
dizzy at the height of steel
the throne of New York”


Along with its poetic lines and serene beauty, the 2015 Mykita campaign also introduces many remarkable eyewear pieces for the new season. Aviators, round frames and stainless steel frames all make cameo appearances. As usual with Mykita, options abound: there is an impressive variety of glasses for both men and women, in different colors, finishes and styles. It’s hard to pin-point specifics, because the variety is overwhelming. So go ahead, browse through the entire campaign in the gallery above. Enjoy!

Photo credits: Mykita; Photo source: The Mykita Eyewear Facebook page