FUN TIMES – The Moschino eyewear for Fall/Winter 2014-2015 is one of the most original, creative and… fun approaches we’ve seen this year! Ever since they first appeared on the runway in spring, the unusual shapes of the Moschino shades have fascinated stylists, editors and fashion enthusiasts alike.

moschino fall winter 2014 sunglasses

Of course, an oversized, statement shape is bound to make some waves, but Moschino blew it right out of the water. The sunglasses are inspired by a very famous fast-food chain. Can you guess which one? Its golden arches were reinterpreted and twisted, so that they hint at Moschino’s own heart label. Keeping the bright, yellow color that has come to represent the age of consumerism was definitely a daring choice, but the result pleases the eye.

When it comes to the practically of the shades… they are clearly not everyone’s cup of tea. However, this doesn’t mean that they completely lack commercial appeal. One can imagine extravagant personalities like Katy Perry or Lady Gaga making theses look effortlessly cool.

Regardless, these shades stand as the main piece of Moschino eyewear this season. Shot in black and white, they look almost regal and even ironic when paired with a matching suit and soda drink. So the question still remains…

Would you wear them or not?

Either way, Moschino’s Jeremy Scott has achieved his goal: that of making people talk about Moschino and Moschino eyewear louder, faster and more often than before.