ST. MORITZ IN THE ’50S – This was the starting point for this season’s “Lunettes” collection of sunglasses from Moncler. With a time and place so accurately defined, it’s easy to see the exact vibe of the collection: a skiing atmosphere that is sporty, chic, exclusive and, why not, cosmopolitan. After all, this is exactly what one expects from a world class holiday resort.

And, just as the famed retreat, the collection is cool and sophisticated. Seamlessly blending tradition and innovation, these are sunglasses which can perform in extreme conditions, yet are ready to fit right into an urban setting as well. These requirements were met with refined shapes, ultra light materials and experimental colors.

The glasses come in an impressive number of styles and shapes with a common thread (that 50s vibe). There are round frames as well as square ones, acetate frames and metal frames, but also aviators and sunglasses with side shields. You name it, it’s probably there: this comprehensive collection is as impeccable as it is varied. Without a doubt, this is what the modern-day St. Moritz fans could and would want to wear on the piste as well as on the streets.

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