FOR HIM & HER – The latest campaign from Emporio Armani eyewear for the upcoming Fall-Winter season is peaceful, modern and extremely stylish.

Shot on the beach by photographer Boo George, the images have a serene feel of calmness that goes hand in hand with the luxurious clothes and accessories. The looks are modeled by Matt Trethe, Amra Cerkezovic, Alex Wilms and Benthe De Vries, all looking sharp, cool and meditative. Dressed in mostly black and soft grey, the four models look impossibly cool, especially when wearing the all-black frames.

The sunglasses are rectangular, round or oversized and feature opaque lenses that add an air of mystery to the look. The optical frames are equally charming, with thin frames boasting a discrete print. Whether for men or women, the Emporio Armani eyewear is sure to elevate any daily look. And while most of us won’t be spending this fall on a beach, we can still enjoy the feeling of peace and serene calm brought on by these frames.