STRIPPED DOWN – The Linda Farrow eyewear campaign for the upcoming season is a minimalistic romance with a cold, powerful edge. The models, platinum beauty Beth Donaghy and the charismatic Matt Trethe, are both featured in the campaign. And what a superb casting choice this was! Their pure, raw chemistry is apparent both in the photos and in the video.

Stripped down of (almost) everything, with messy, windswept hair and wearing dark blazers (if anything at all), the two seem to be playing a cold, feelingness game. The sharp styling pays tribute to minimalism – an undercurrent of the entire campaign. With their cool looks and high-fashion eyewear, the two seem to be indecisive – close, yet so far away. The only thing that brings them together may be just the Linda Farrow eyewear. But who knows? Maybe it’s more to it than meets the eye… the raw, simple feeling we get from both the photos and video perfectly compliment the powerful and luxe Linda Farrow eyewear.

And speaking about the Linda Farrow eyewear… it seems that oversized shades are here to stay. As in the campaigns of other eyewear brands, this type of frames are stealing the spotlight. However, Linda Farrow also brings along the minimalist, luxe and cool mix that we have come to expect and love. The eyewear for the fall season is big, bold and unapologetically beautiful.

Oh, and it seems that round sunglasses will still be making waves for months to come. The Linda Farrow eyewear for the next months is hinting at it too.

Want more, can’t get enough? Watch the campaign video below:


Photos via;

Mariano Vivanco – Photographer

Junietsy De Marcos – Video Director