A NEW EYEWEAR CONCEPT – MINI has recently revealed a pioneering innovation in the form of the MINI Augmented Vision, a research project that is set to provide an intelligent connectivity between a MINI car and augmented reality eyewear. Already known for their lifestyle-orientated approach, MINI are determined to push the boundaries of this connection even further. And this is what they aim to do: their goal is to revolutionise the experience both in and outside the vehicle through a pair of eyeglasses that uses see-through technology to show relevant information in the driver’s direct field of vision.

Basically, when the driver wears the glasses, parts of the car that are normally opaque will appear to be transparent without concealing other road users or obstacles. The aim is to increase safety and comfort while driving, to eliminate blind spots completely and even to help with parking. Of course, a few “traditional” functions will also be appearing inside the field of view of the driver: speed limits or messaging. The glasses can also be used outside the car to give directions or select destination points to be transferred back to the vehicle.

With the new technology being revealed at the 2015 Auto Shanghai show, this may be just the beginning of a long and exciting journey that will push the limits of what eyewear can do for us in a not so far away future. Exciting times! (BMW Group Press Release)

Photo credits: BMW Group Press Release