KNOW WHAT’S COOL – When it comes to eyeglasses, it’s a bit trickier to pinpoint the exact trends that are governing a certain moment in time or a certain season. That is because, while sunglasses are an optional accessory that can be changed multiple times of day, ophthalmic frames have a more perennial character. This isn’t to say that eyeglasses trends don’t exist. They do, it’s just that they are slower to change and they tend not to spur wild designs.

So let’s take a close (a very close!) look at the subtle changes in the men’s eyeglasses trends for 2015. Pay attention to the fine details – that’s where the refined and trendy looks stem from. Let’s go:

Mens Eyeglasses Trends 2015: Let’s Talk Shape

“Don’t change it if it’s not broken” seems to be the motto when it comes to frame shapes. As expected, the classics are still going strong. For the Spring/Summer 2015 season, the rectangular and square shapes are still ruling the world of eyeglasses, with the occasional influence of round and aviator frames.

Men’s Eyeglasses Trends 2015: Let’s Talk Colors

Colors. Now this is where the trend talk gets interesting. If the shapes remain in the forever green territory, the color blend for the warm season is where it’s at. These are the main color trends for men’s eyeglasses in 2015:

– White And Transparencies: Perfect to reflect the lightness and carefree attitude that comes with the change of seasons, white eyeglasses are for the men who aim to be in the forefront of the hottest trends.


Marc by Marc Jacobs eyeglasses

– Yellow and Blue: These two can be spotted as occasional accents (in combination with tortoiseshell, for example) rather than full coats of color. Ideal for men who enjoy a good dose of color without going overboard.

semi rimless ftft5342-060-0

Tom Ford eyeglasses

– Grey: Here’s a surprising option! This often overlooked hue is making a comeback as the star of the Spring/Summer 2015 season. Not as punchy as white, but not as classic as black, grey should be the perfect option for the fashion-forward gents out there.

grey ftft5253-020-0

Tom Ford eyeglasses

– Black and Tortoiseshell: A slight update for this season is mixing the classic black and tortoiseshell with grey, yellow and blue: instant classics with a twist.


Prada eyeglasses

– Two-Tone Combinations: A two-tone color mix is one of the hottest options out there and this season’s frames come to reiterate that. For example, two contrasting hues will give your face a fresh and versatile look.


Burberry eyeglasses

Men’s Eyeglasses Trends 2015: Let’s Talk Style

– Semi-Rimless: Whether we’re talking about sunglasses or eyeglasses, semi-rimless frames are a fresh and hot option right now. The classic look gets an update thanks to some unique texturing. So cool, right?


Prada eyeglasses

– Thick-Rimmed: This season’s thick-rimmed eyeglasses are not about a geek-chic type of look. Instead, the vibe leans towards a powerful and determined appearance that is conveniently backed up by a consistent frame. Sexy, wild, fun: this is the new thick-rimmed look.

– Thin and Metallic Rims: Opposites attract! When it comes to thin rims, eyeglasses make way for innovative textures and combinations that reflect our contemporary world. Whether in a stainless steel finish or tortoiseshells with a dash of blue, thin rims are getting a lot of attention this season. And, with their subtle and instantly elegant look, you surely won’t think twice before reaching for a new pair.

my-1504233-1Mykita eyeglasses