IT’S ALL IN THE DETAILS– Founded by Lee Alexander McQueen in 2005, McQ is a brand that focuses on young urban culture, while being more down to earth than its whimsical sister-brand, Alexander McQueen.

The Fall/Winter campaign from McQ mirrors this concept quite efficiently. The experimental creativity can be easily read in the sunglasses and in the clothes, which both feature patches of prints. Nothing about the campaign says conventional – not even the models, who have an attitude that is somehow serious and somehow dreamy.

Geared towards a youthful audience, everything in the collection is raw and wearable. McQ eyewear is featured in a single photo, where the model duo rock similar sunglasses with the same type of print on the temples. His square sunglasses boast a lumberjack print, while her rectangular sunnies feature black and white graphics from a manga cartoon by Yoshiyasu Tamura. These small details stand as proof that eccentricity is highly valued in the McQ world, even though it’s not as apparent as with the Alexander McQueen main brand.

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McQ eyewear campaign credits:

Karim Sadli – Photographer; Joe McKenna – Fashion Editor/Stylist; Paul Hanlon – Hair Stylist; Christelle Cocquet – Makeup Artist; Andy Hillman – Set Designer; Jess Hallett – Casting Director; Trish Lomax – Manicurist; Natalie Westling – Model; Paul Barges – Model