ENHANCED VIEW – Associating the sun with anything other than fun, holidays and positive moments is unlikely. But what about glare? Sunlight stops being so much fun when it’s reflected off a horizontal surface and can be down right blinding while you’re driving, cycling, or skiing. Most tinted lenses will reduce glare to some extent, but only polarized lenses will eliminate it completely. Luckily, the Maui Jim polarized sunglasses bring this and even more to the table.

But before we dive into how much a pair of polarized sunglasses will change your life (because they will), let’s take a further look at how the Maui Jim patented PolarizedPlus2® lens technology works. Besides completely eliminating glare, it also makes the colors of the world around you appear bolder and brighter. Here’s the difference:

Discover the true colors of the world. Photo via www.mauijim.com

Created on the Hawaiian islands, the Maui Jim polarized sunglasses will make every detail clearer, while also keeping out any glare or harmful UV rays. Tempted to see these amazing sunglasses at work? Here are a few choices:

maui jim polarized sunglasses

1. Maui Jim Breakwall sunglasses;

2. Maui Jim Stone Crushers sunglasses;

3. Maui Jim Keanae sunglasses;

4. Maui Jim Guardrails sunglasses;

5. Maui Jim River Jetty sunglasses;

6. Maui Jim Stingray sunglasses.

Color like you’ve never seen it.

Maui Jim raise up to their claims by introducing different lens variations:

  • Neutral Grey (perfect for especially bright, direct sunlight);

  • HCL® Bronze and Maui Rose® (bronze and rose tints for everyday variable conditions, from full sun to overcast);

  • Maui HT™ (High Transmission technology balances contrast and depth of field for crisper details during varying conditions);

  • CLEARSHELL® (Scratch Coating: A proprietary, silicone-based hard coat that protects your lenses).

Of course, each pair of Maui Jims features the patented PolarizedPlus2® lens technology that wipes out 99.9% of glare, 100% of harmful UV and boosts color.

Browse through the entire collection of Maui Jim polarized sunglasses here and enjoy a bolder, crisper and more colorful world. Glare-free.