MATCHING GLASSES WITH HAIR COLOR – Picking the right pair of glasses is not an easy feat. Yes, it’s all mostly about the fit, the shape and the way they suit your face. But let’s not forget to factor in another important criterium: color.

At a first glance, picking a cool and fun hue for your glasses isn’t rocket science: you’ll just lean towards your favorite colors. However, for those of you who need an extra push or a second opinion, here are the best glasses/hair color matches:

Match Glasses With Hair Color: Blonde Hair

Blonde hair offers a light base to work with. When picking glasses for this type of hair, don’t choose white or off-white shades, because you’ll appear washed out. Instead, go for pastels, moderately bold hues or for intense neutrals. Here are the best matches for both warm and cool undertones:

Best Matches For Warm Undertones: light tortoiseshell, red, golden.

01 match glasses with hair color warm blonde hair

Best Matches For Cool Undertones: pink, black, blue, silver.

02 match glasses with hair color cool blonde hair

Match Glasses With Hair Color: Red Hair

Red hair tends to be quite intensely colored, so your best bet is to match the power of its hue with equally bold frames. If you want to go for something more subtle, your best bet are warm cream shades, as a neutral take, or light greens, as a soft contrast. Stay away from blues and yellows.

Best Matches For Red Hair: beige, latte, light or dark green, wine red and even black.

03 match glasses with hair color red hair

Match Glasses With Hair Color: Brown Hair

Brown hair can act like a versatile base for a vast array of hues. From light pastels to intense shades of red or purple, the options are impressive. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Best Matches For Light Brown Hair: pink, ivory, cream, light blue and green.

04 match glasses with hair color light brown hair

Best Matches For Dark Brown Hair: black, purple, red, emerald green, dark brown, dark tortoiseshell.

05 match glasses with hair color dark brown hair

Match Glasses With Hair Color: Black Hair

Because it is such a strong hair color, black hair will look fantastic when paired with bold frames. Whether you go for strong colors, like blue and green, or for saturated neutrals, make sure you choose something that can match the intensity of your black tresses. Steer clear from anything too light because the eyes and the face will appear washed out in comparison.

Best Matches For Black Hair: blue, green, red for strong contrast, dark neutrals, metallics.

06 match glasses with hair color black hair

Which ones are your favorites? Comment below!