MARSHALL NOW MAKES MORE THAN AMPS – A showbiz classic, Marshall Amplification has been playing a crucial role in the evolution of rock music for more than five decades now. With a logo that is instantly recognizable anywhere and a reputation to match it, Marshall is one of the most iconic brands in the world. And now they’re about to bring their rock-and-roll vision to life once more: with an eyewear collection.

Targeting music-interested consumers in an authentic and legitimate way, the freshly-launched Marshall eyewear spans across both the sunglass and optical categories. Entirely handmade, just like their famous amps, the new Marshall frames contain design cues that are recognizable from the amplifiers: faux leather, gold metal details and, of course, the white logo. And, in true rock-and-roll spirit, all glasses are named after core music stars: Jimi, Joey, Mick, Jack, Neil or Bob. Created in partnership with Swedish Eyewear Group (S.W.E.), each one of these is available as both a sunglass and optical frame.

The fresh Marshall eyewear mixes classic silhouettes with contemporary lines in a combination that will amplify the lifestyle of their consumers. From round, rectangular and wayfarer silhouettes and all the way to aviator, club-master or flat tops, the entire shape spectrum is present in the collection. And to round off a perfect recipe, the on-point color juxtapositions add the finishing touch: black, brown, tortoiseshell and white are all mixed in with metallic details to reveal frames that are indeed worthy of a rock star. (Marshall)

Photo credits: Marshall eyewear

Photo source: Marshall