A SIZZLING HOT SUMMER – Linda Farrow introduces the new eyewear range for Spring/Summer 2015 with a dangerously HOT campaign starring Irina Shayk and Jarrod Scott. The extensive campaign features exotic visuals and poolside portraits that will instantly make you dream of summer. It would be impossible not to, judging by the skin to bikini ratio, the wet hair and, of course, the statement eyewear, so bold it could pop up straight from the screen.

The storyline is fairly basic: 2 hot models, a pastel color scheme, metallic hues and stand-out frames. Yet, at a closer inspection, all the thought that went into the details becomes apparent: the fine angles, exquisite finishes and, of course, the sharp styling all shine through. The Linda Farrow eyewear that appears in the campaign is not only ridiculously good looking, but also perfect for a poolside vacation. (Yes, even the optical frames!)

Let’s start off with the sunglasses: geometric lines, reflective lenses and an oversized silhouette are what makes them stand out. One particular item is highlighted throughout the campaign: a pair of round, oversized soft pink sunglasses with a pointed rim and reflective lenses. Then, there are the glasses: round and with a feminine air that would appeal any style or taste, they easily steal the show.

Witness the campaign in motion below. Warning: you may immediately want to book a ticket to a warm, exotic destination. Or to reach out for metallic frames. You know, whatever comes first…

Photo credits: Linda Farrow; Photo source: models.com