LUXURY SHADES – Known for its timeless aesthetics and impeccable craftsmanship, the French house of Cerruti 1881 is always at the forefront of the luxury market. The seasonal collections are completed by a fine section of leather accessories, writing instruments, watches, perfumes and, of course, eyewear. With more than a century of tradition, Cerruti always stays true to its roots: impeccable, clean and lightweight designs, with a dash of Italian style.

And if the garments are always polished to perfection, so are the accessories. Cerruti doesn’t necessarily aim to put out a wide array of sunglasses each season. Instead, it takes its time and focuses on a select few pieces of Cerruti eyewear, each of them more polished than the other.

Cerruti Eyewear Campaign Fall Winter 2014-15 02

Such is the case for the Fall/Winter 2014-15 eyewear collection. The promotional campaign introduces two key pairs of Cerruti eyewear. The sunglasses feature half-round temples with fine, blue and silver touches. The shades also have the brand’s logo finely encrusted on the temples for added appeal. The optical pair is very similar: they have a thin black frame which looks polished and cool.

Campaign Credits:

Johan Sandberg – Photographer

Rutger Schoone – Model

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