LANVIN EYEWEAR – Lanvin is well-known for putting out stunning campaigns for their mainline. In recent seasons, the focus has been on family relations and the mother-daughter dynamic (after all, the Lanvin logo is a mother and a daughter holding hands). However, besides that, not much else from the campaign has surfaced yet. Until now.

Starring 22-year old model Katlin Aas, this is the first image we get to see from the (hopefully upcoming) Lanvin eyewear campaign for Spring/Summer 2015. This single photo may not equal the punch of a full-sized series, but it comes pretty close. Peeking from behind a strategically positioned piece of greenery, Katlin is showing a semi-rebellious attitude: side swept hair, a couple of ear cuffs and what we could safely assume is a strapless top and a blank stare. Her looks and pose already set a cool, summery mood.

Then there are the sunglasses: with gradient lenses, metallic details and packing a subtle throwback to the glamour of yesteryear, these frames are ready to rule the upcoming season. The detailed, sinuous metal bar that runs along the front combined with a sharp, minimalistic bridge pulls the design right back into the contemporary world.

With such a show-stopping first image, it’s only natural to wonder what else Lanvin eyewear has in store for the upcoming summer months. We’ll have to wait and see…

Photo credits: Lanvin, Photo via