GOLDEN DECADE – This year, Karen Walker eyewear is celebrating 10 years of existence. The quirky brand, known for its out-of-the-box designs, is marking this special moment with the launch of, what else, a festive eyewear range.

The anniversary series of shades is aptly titled “Celebrate” and includes a limited series of bright, bold and golden sunglasses. For those of you out who are after sunglasses with some serious bling factor, these are the styles for you! The collection includes reissues of some of the most popular Karen Walker eyewear pieces, such as Super Duper Strength or Deep Freeze – one for every year.

karen walker celebrate party
Photo from the Karen Walker eyewear party – Sydney, October 2014. Image via

The sunglasses are all golden: perfect for the parties, get-togethers or celebrations that we’re all going to attend in the coming months. You feel a celebratory tingle just by looking at the promotional campaign! The gilded frames almost give the illusion of solid gold, an illusion that is made all the more powerful by those matching mirrored lenses.

Celebrating 10 years of eyewear design is quite the achievement and this collection stands as proof. Wrapped in golden hues and splashes of confetti, the celebratory frames show us exactly why Karen Walker eyewear has evolved into what it is today: a brand that redefines the meaning of statement sunnies which each and every new collection.

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