#TOASTMEETSKAREN – You may be used to Karen Walker’s cooky and fun eyewear campaigns by now, but nothing can really prepare you this time. For the Spring 2015 campaign, Karen Walker enlisted a very, very special model to showcase her sunglasses – Toast. A toothless King Charles puppy mill rescue, the dog is a social media star, boasting an impressive number of followers on Instagram. He can be easily recognized by his perpetual low-hanging tongue (a sad memory from its past), his too cool for school poses and his penchant for eyewear, especially for – you’ve guessed it – Karen Walker.

As expected, the new (furry) face of Karen Walker sunglasses is nothing short of fabulous. Posing for the campaign with summery shades perched atop its nose and working the camera like no other, this wee model is surprisingly convincing. Sure, the wind machines helped, but it finally all boils down to the perfect mix between an unconventional model and Karen Walker’s equally unconventional shades. The Instagram dog is the first “celebrity” to model for a Karen Walker eyewear campaign and, by the looks of it, it seems like the ultimate match made in heaven.

But the sunglasses are just as important as the model. For Spring 2015, Karen Walker went down a retro route. The shades range from rectangular, round and cat eyes to off-the-beaten-path geometric shapes, all with thick rims and daring color combinations. Most of the sunglasses feature two or three colors in surprising blends. Whether it’s a two-toned contour, a single line separating two colors or a high-low mix, the results are bold and dynamic. Ok, maybe that also has a little bit to do with the fluffy model, but even so: the shades are nostalgically cool and they fit the Karen Walker client profile perfectly.

All in all, it appears that this Karen Walker eyewear campaign is a resounding success. Coming from a brand that has always stayed true to its core values and has amassed a devoted cult following by doing so, this is one campaign that will surely make it down in history. So here’s to hoping that more brands engage with their (fluffy or not) fans in order to come up with fun, original ad campaign subjects.

Photo credits: Karen Walker via style.com