KALEIDOSCOPIC VIEW – This fall, Trussardi eyewear opens up a moody and playful world in which eyeglasses take center stage. There is just one campaign image, featuring both frames – for women and for men, but, in turn, we are treated to a short video.

In the video, models Linnea Regnander and Edward Wilding are sporting the latest Trussardi eyewear and get cozy with one another in black and white, kaleidoscopic-style shots. The focus is, of course, on the new frames. Linnea wears a pair of delicate eyeglasses with a thin metal frame that perfectly compliments her features. Edward on the other hand, is modeling a pair of 60s-inspired eyeglasses that frame his vision in a soft, moody way. The styling is also essential to the overall cohesion: both models are wearing leather jackets and their hair and make up are done in an effortless fashion.

The Trussardi eyewear campaign image is a still shot from this (very) shot movie: a black and white collage in which Linnea and Edward share the spotlight, each with their own pair of eyeglasses. Shot by photographer Roe Ethridge, this is one of those low-key, graceful eyewear campaigns that speak to those who appreciate discreet luxury.

Watch the video here: