MORE THAN SHOES – Aussie model Catherine McNeil turns into a glam vixen for the Jimmy Choo’s Fall/Winter 2014-2015 campaign. Following in the footsteps of the previous Jimmy Choo star, Nicole Kidman, Catherine comes off as mysterious, seductive and, of course, leggy. But even though a good part of the campaign focuses on the Jimmy Choo shoes designs of the season, the new eyewear isn’t left too far behind.

Several close-up shots reveal the intricate details of the Jimmy Choo eyewear. In total, two pairs of sophisticated sunglasses and a pair of dashing optical eyeglasses are featured in the campaign.

Flawlessly working the “no make-up” look, Catherine stares into the distance through the blue pair of Jimmy Choo eyeglasses. Their thin, delicate frame looks delightfully feminine thanks to the beautiful silver temples and the golden details near the hinges. The round, oversized sunglasses have golden temples and a snake-like finish on the outer edges. The other sunglasses, a superb pair of cat eye frames features lace-like, golden detailing that looks almost impossibly chic. All off these are fantastic features on their own, but when paired with Catherine McNeil’s charm, they make for one smoking hot campaign. Check out all the eyewear images in the gallery above, along with a few additional shots.

Jimmy Choo eyewear campaign credits (via

Peter Lindbergh – Photographer

Michael Philouze – Fashion Editor/Stylist

Catherine McNeil – Model

Photos via