THE REVIVAL OF A BRAND – It’s not just about what James Bond does, it’s also about what he wears. In the upcoming film “Spectre”, the 007 agent is donning some pretty cool gear (as per usual). However, there’s one accessory coming from the eyewear world that is shaping up to be the highlight of his look: a vintage pair of “Glacier” sunglasses from Parisian eyewear maker Vuarnet.

The feature comes just in time, as the high-end brand reissues the shades worn by Daniel Craig. The new rendition rings in at a cool price of $600 a pair and has the same stylish aviator shape, complete with black leather side shields. Fitted with mineral glass polarized lenses, the newest shades also have hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings, making them ideal for mountain climbing, skiing, snowboarding, hiking or anything else a spy’s job description might contain.

Vuarnet, the French company which makes the eyewear, didn’t pay for the feature. Instead, its high-end products command a more select audience and are, of course, a perfect fit for James Bond. A relatively small company in comparison with the likes of Luxottica, Vuarnet is zooming in on its luxury niche by putting out products with an outstanding level of sophistication. For example, their lenses are still made out of glass, as opposed to plastic. Providing a clearer view, these lenses add to the exclusivity and sophistication of the final product.

Along with these Bond-worthy, leather detail aviators, Vuarnet is also reissuing a couple of other classics, such as the 006, which was worn by Alain Delon in the movie “La Piscine”. The other brands featured in the upcoming “Spectre” movie are Tom Ford, Omega, Belvedere vodka and Aston Martin, among others. (Business Of Fashion, Bloomberg).

Photo credits and source: James Bond 007 via The Business Of Fashion