NEW IN TOWN – Italia Independent, the fearless eyewear brand, opens its first boutique today, in Soho. The brainchild of dapper Italian entrepreneur Lapo Elkann, Italia Independent is a relatively new name to enter the eyewear world. Founded in 2007 by Elkann together with Giovanni Accongiagioco and Andrea Tessitore, the brand rose to success in quite a short time, thanks to its strategic positioning. Italia Independent focuses on out-of-the box styles, vivid colors and innovative materials (velvet, snake or carbon fiber). Its 2013 collaboration with the one and only Karl Lagerfeld was just a stepping stone: there is another one underway and the brand shows no sign of stopping. Just like its founder, Lapo Elkann.

The 37-year old Fiat heir is known for his particular, inimitable style and has made it to the top of many a best dressed lists. And, just like his legendary grandfather Gianni Agnelli, the nephew has a penchant for impeccable suits. His fearless taste, however cannot be pinned solely on his Italian heritage. As all those born in NYC, Elkann has the city’s pulse deeply engraved in his soul. The presence of that unique energy can be sensed in the wide array of designs, colors and styles that Italia Independent eyewear pampers its customers with.

Talking about the city, the fact that the new shop opens on the fifth day of NYFW surely isn’t a coincidence. Right now, NYC is packed with some of the most stylish and powerful people in the business. So it’s the perfect background for the inaugural opening toast of the new Mercer Street shop. (Vogue, The New York Times)

Top photo from the brand’s F/W 2014 campaign.